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30 Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Recipes

Don't let mashed potatoes have all the fun on your Thanksgiving table; go ahead and serve sweet potatoes (or "yams"), too! You can have them mashed, baked, stuffed or even worked into a soup or bread. And while you're at it, check out our favorite Thanksgiving side dishes for more options.

Kim's Sweet Potato Casserole

"Amazing sweet potato casserole! I made it with the marshmallows and everyone was so delightfully surprised to see the pecans beneath! It was truly tasty treat that you could only indulge in once a year!"


Sweet Potato & Pear Soup

"Tasty and healthy. I followed the directions except for the white wine. Very different and of course, slightly sweet. Very good with crusty bread. The second bowl I added some hot sauce, yummy."


Sweet Potato Casserole with Brown Sugar Pecans

"Big hit at my house! Already have it requested again. I used canned sweet potatoes and rinsed the sugar off of them, then cut the sugar a little bit. Everyone loved this!"


Sweet Potato & Mango Bake

"The flavors in this dish were out of this world. I loved the sweetness with the savory from the salt and pepper and other veggies. It was a great side dish!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

"I tried it and these are great!! You have to trust that eventually they will soften. Leave the heat on low and keep busy but keep your nose open. Mine didn't burn like some of the other reviewers. I think if you become impatient or lose trust and up the fire then you'll run into those problems. At the end of about 45 mins. I went to mash and they mashed perfectly and with ease."


Curried Sweet Potato Soup

"Tried the soup before adding the rum, it was very good. Added the rum, it was extremely good. Then added the dairy and it was excellent! I would give this more than 5 stars if I could!"


Sweet Potato Casserole

"It seems like every year I try new sweet potato recipes trying to find the perfect recipe. I have found some pretty good recipes but never the perfect one...until now. I had more compliments on this dish at Christmas than ever before and I adored them too."

-Mama Meerkat

Sweet Potato Cheesecake with Praline Topping

"Made it on a whim for Thanksgiving Dinner. It was a huge hit and has been requested again this year. Very flavorful, we loved it!"


Candied Yams with Cranberries

"Everyone that has tried this dish has really liked it and it's currently my go-to recipe for yams. I'm not a huge yam lover, but I could easily eat this dish any time!"

-Middle of Pacific

Grilled Sweet Potatoes

"We loved these sweet potatoes! They took less time than what the recipe called for. I thought that I would need to add some more salt and/or butter to them at the table, but they were perfect! So perfect that we even skipped the honey. Ours turned out just like mashed sweet potatoes inside the skin."


Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Casserole

"Definitely a family favorite! I personally don't like marshmallows with my sweet potatoes so I was very happy to come across this recipe. I do tweak mine a little bit. I make it with whole sweet potatoes, boil for about 10-15 min and cut into cubes. Then I double the topping so it is a good layer. Yum!"

-Liana R.

Instant Pot Honey Butter Sweet Potatoes

"Great flavorful alternative to traditional mashed potatoes. If you're trying to be somewhat healthier, this is the side dish for you!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Sweet Potato Bread

"This is my sister Barb's recipe. It is the first thing I ever made for my husband when we first met and he flipped over it. He ate a whole loaf driving home from my house!"


Slow-Cooker Tamarind Sweet Potatoes

"This was a lovely sweet potato treat. I loved the ease of making this in the Crock Pot. I cut my potato chunks a little bigger so the five-hour cooking time was perfect. A nice sweet and sour flavor. I enjoyed the citrus flavor that the tamarind and the lemon grass created."

-Baby Kato

Mashed & Baked Garlic Sweet Potatoes

"This was delicious! I used a large garlic bulb and because it was roasted it was not overpowering. Will make this dish again."


Bean & Sweet Potato Tacos

Sweet potatoes, navy beans, corn and a spicy chipotle crème make for a vibrant, healthy dinner.

Spicy Roasted Sweet Potatoes

"I make roasted sweet potatoes often and use the same spices generally as this recipe with the exception of the cayenne. We enjoyed the bite from the cayenne and I used ancho chili powder (my favorite) for it's earthy flavor. Served alongside a pork tenderloin roast."


Sweet Potato Fries

"Really liked these. every member of my family ate them, and it is so rare that I find any one thing that all can agree on."

-Mama Wendy

Candied Sweet Potatoes

"Awesome! I have tried a lot of sweet potato recipes, from easy to very complicated. This is one of the easiest, and definitely the best I've had. Served for Thanksgiving and topped with marshmallows just for fun. Used the amount of sauce called for and it was perfect, more would have been way too sweet."


Sweet Carrot Soufflé

This delicious soufflé is perfected with a carrot and pecan topping.

Sweet Potato Gratin

"So, so very tasty! I did add some crumbled smoked bacon bits, chopped onions and grated Parmesan cheese, and the flavor was both sweet and savory for a great main dish."

-East Wind Goddess

Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallows

"This was great! I made this for Thanksgiving. I used fresh sweet potatoes and quadrupled the recipe and it was a hit. I did add in some vanilla extract as well and a pinch of nutmeg. This was easy and a success for my first hosted Thanksgiving dinner!"


Skillet Sweet Potatoes & Onions

"I absolutely love these! They are such a delicious and exceedingly easy side dish. The veggie stock is key to keeping the sweet tates nice and moist. Could eat the entire batch at once!"

-Zoe A.

Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes

"Oh my word, delicious! We already love normal twice baked potatoes, so I was excited to try this recipe as we fancied a change. Brilliant! It's made me love sweet potatoes even more!"


Maple Mashed Sweet Potatoes

"We loved this recipe. The flavors turned out great. As for the maple syrup I found using the real version is better. I also chose to make this dish alongside soda-marinated steak tips."


Old-Fashioned "Yams"

"Love this recipe! Took me back to my childhood when candied yams were just simply that. Back again for more. Very good and very simple. And I am a fan of baking the potatoes not boiling."

-C S.7725

Sweet Potato Salad

"This is wonderful! I roasted my sweet potatoes with the skins on with a little olive oil, cracked black pepper and sea salt. Let them cool then mixed with other salad ingredients. Everyone loved it—even those who say they do not like sweet potatoes. Better after cooling!"


Baked Sweet Potato Chips

"So addictive! I'm new to using a mandolin, so I'm not sure I sliced them thin enough. They were still rather soft in the middle after they cooled. They still tasted incredibly good though. I used a mister for the olive oil and added just a little salt to them."

-Marg (CaymanDesigns)

Honey-Roasted Sweet Potatoes

"Nicely sweet, but not overly sweet. I did use the optional cinnamon, and I recommend using it. Nutmeg might be nice, too. These sweet potatoes are very buttery, but I think the amount of butter could easily be cut down without changing the results if fat is a concern. We all enjoyed these very much."


Sweet Potato Patties

"This sweet potato patties recipe is one of my favorites. I use brown rice a lot in my healthy vegan recipes. It is a rich source of lots of nutrients, and makes for a much lighter patty than a bean-based veggie burger. This recipe is simple and delicious."

-Heather Nauta