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A lovely breakfast treat! I sauteed the peppers and threw in a few jalapenos. I can see these becoming a weekend habit!

Breakfast Burrito

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I really liked this. It reminded me of pizza with a potato crust. The recipe turned out perfectly without any changes.

German Breakfast Casserole

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Delicious! I added golden raisins and served it with warm maple syrup and my family loved it.

French Toast

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Taxi Mom

Taxi Mom

These were great! I have never been able to make a good biscuit and these remind me of my grandmother's.

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This was delicious! Tasted and smelled just like apple pie! Will definitely try it with yogurt next time.

Apple Pie Smoothie

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This sounds odd, but it's really good! Nothing but peanuts, real maple syrup and homemade bread.

Peanut Butter Lover's Breakfast